• The Hanging Temple – The Hanging Monastery of Chinese traditional religions

    The Hanging Temple is also referred to as the Hanging Monastery or the Xuankong Temple. It is built into a cliffin Hunyuan County in Shanxi province. Datong is the closest cityto the northwest. This is one of the main tourist attractions and historical sites that was built1,500 years ago. Look at different tour packagesThe Hanging Temple to explore the temple and learn as to why it is one of the main attractions. The cliffshields it from floods and the mountain peaks protect it from rain and snow.

    The construction of the Hanging Temple
    The temple is not only notable for its location on the sheer cliff, but also for its representation of the traditional Chinese religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The oak crossbeams fitted into holes keep the structure of the temple well in place in into the cliffs. The main supportive structure of the temple remains concealed inside the bedrock. As the body of the templehangs from the center of the cliff, it is protected from erosion and sunlight. The regular repair work keeps the temple well preserved.

    The odd and dangerous building
    The Hanging Temple has also featured in “Time” magazine for being among the oddest dangerous buildings in the world. Look for the cheapest family tourThe Hanging Temple to enjoy the visit. Many wonder as to how the building placed like this has withstood the winds and storms of so many years. This is an architectural wonder that makes sue of a unique mechanical theory applied to the building. The half-inserted Crossbeams into the rock work as the foundation and the rock in back acts like its support. Many construction experts and architects from other countries come to see the monastery. It hangs about 50 meters above the ground and is built into a vertical rock face.

    World Heritage Site
    The Hanging Monastery has been listed as a World Heritage Site. You wall marvel not only at the fantastic architectural art, but also get to learn about Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Appreciate Chinese Buddhist art that points to its history, architecture, and music. The splendid mural paintings in the main hall tell the magnificent Buddhist story. The architecture and everything about the templeembody the great cultural achievement of Chinese people. Explore the culture and art as well as the architecture during The Hanging Templevacation.There are 40 halls and cabinets that carry 80 sculptures made of iron, copper,terracotta, and stone.

    Discover Chinese Buddhist art and the magnificent sculptures carvedon the cliff rocks and splendid mural paintings that tell you about the Buddhist story. The Yungang Grottoes with carved sculptures and construction of the vivid Nine-Dragon Screen Wall leave you in awe.

    Once you arrive in Datong, look for The Hanging Templebest package so as to ensure that your holiday begins smoothly. There are many renowned attractions in Datong that relate to Buddhism.Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is one of the oldestwooden pagodas inChina and remains a mystery to scientists.