• The Romantic Naples- An Open-Air Museum with The Best Opera Houses And Theatres

    There is no denying that in the last couple of years, Naples has become one of the most popular destination among the tourists visiting Italy. The foreign tourists, especially love spending their time in the city of artistic interest and enjoy the culinary delicacies Naples has to offer. Look for an exciting tour packages Naples and explore the largest city in southern Italy. Often referred to as an open-air museum, thousands of families join each other on the Bay of Naples and enjoy fantastic views of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Compare Naples travel quotes from different tour operators to land the best vacation.

    The distinctive mark of Naples lies in its folklore, and you can watch the local people workers living and working among the artistic wonders of the city. Tourism is undoubtedly one of the main key factors of the city’s economy. The cheapest family tour Naples can introduce you to the wonders the city has to offer and on a budget! Get ready to explore one of the oldest but constantly inhabited cities in the world.

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    The third largest city in Italy, Naples, is certainly the most artistic. The centro storico has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the finest archaeology and art of Europe can be found in its museums. The royal palaces and castles certainly make the city look provincial. Go for Naples best package to cover the major attractions here. Visit Museo Cappella Sansevero or the Museo Archeologico Nazionale to revel in the art and architecture of Naples. As a matter of fact, during World War II, Naples has been the most-bombed Italian city. The city has undergone significant economic growth in the past few decades. If you look at the old town Centre of Naples, you will find that it differs a lot from other Italian towns. Archaeological Sovrintendenza of Naples and Caserta are open to the public.

    Cemetery of the Fontanelle
    The cemetery was left in a state of abandon until 1872. Today, it is a part of Neapolitan custom and legend, considered to be a place of worship. Surrounded by legends and accounts of miracles, the Cemetery of the Fontanelle holds a macabre fascination for the locals as well as the tourists.

    The Cave of Seiano
    The cave of Seiano is very ancient in origin and the celebrated Minister of Tiberius, architect Seiano, dug out a magnificent tunnel. This is the entry point of Pausyllipon, the Roman villas that were built on the highest part of the Posillipo hill.

    During Naples vacation, you will get to taste the delicious seafood dishes, as well as mouthwatering street snacks. After all, the city is looked upon as one of the culinary heavyweights of Italy.