• The Three Gorges for the Most Popular Cruises

    The Three Gorges is a scenic area in the Yangtze Gorges region and is a popular spot during China vacation. There are several relaxing cruises with ships sailing both downstream and upstream on Yangtze River. Browse China travel quotes and book early to enjoy a great experience. It is time to discover the magnificent Yangtze River and the best package China at unbeatable local price!

    Yangtze holiday
    Look for a leading travel agency for the best tour packages China to enjoy the Yangtze River and for a great holiday in China. Get a customized China Yangtze holiday as you enjoy the cheapest family tour China. The Three Gorges expand from the western side of Fengjie and Yichang in Chongqing to Hubei province downstream. The region of the Three Gorges attracts tourists from all across the world. The culture and environment of the river are immensely popular with the locals and travelers from abroad.

    Three Gorges Dam Project
    The Three Gorges region expands across 200 km and is well famous for its beautiful scenery. Apart from this, the region is historically and culturally important in China, as it boasts of several archeological sites and some settlements that were submerged due to the rising Three Gorges Dam. Three Gorges Dam is the water control project on Yangtze River and is located near Sandouping Town in Yichang City. It is the world’s major hydropower project and one of the most efficient to control floods. It is also the largest migration project in the world as well as the most difficult construction work.

    Dam Viewing Point is the best point to get a wonderful sight of flood discharge. The Dam is a modern wonder, the Three Gorges Dam and with Gezhou Dam, it offers a new landscape that adorns the Yangtze River together with other natural scenery. There are antique relics such as the White Emperor City and Qu Yuan Ancestral Temple.

    Tanzi Ridge
    This is located in the gauging point for the Three Gorges Dam Project and the best point to enjoy panoramic view of the Three Gorges Dam Project. It is shaped like a crock, and is divided into three storeys. Visitors enjoy the relievos, which is an 800-million-year old stone from the bottom of the Yangtze River.

    River Cruises
    Yangtze River cruises have been running for many years now, and one will come across different
    prices, deals, schedules to suit every kind of tourist wit varied interest and budget. Get an awesome cruise experience in the Three Gorges region. There are many classic destinations here to explore that are sure to suit your interests. Have a look at different tours & cruises along Yangtze River that will take you to the unique site, from Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, etc.

    Start your relaxing Yangtze vacation and explore a land that is full of landscape, culture, and historical sites. It is about the real discovery on a perfect tour; it is about real discovery. Get inspired now and plan a great vacation in China in the Three Gorges region.