• Thiruvananthapuram Filled With Idyllic Beaches and Known for a Rich History

    Thiruvananthapuram is rich in tourist spots and filled with back waters, beaches, hill stations, and wild life sanctuaries. Needless to say, there is a lot to see here and explore for the tourists. One can see the real beauty of the state Kerala in the Thiruvananthapuram district that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists. The city is also becoming popular due to Ayurveda’s popularity and is encouraging Medical tourism. Compare Thiruvananthapuram travel quotes with leading tour operators to plan a great vacation here.

    When you browse tour packages Thiruvananthapuram, you will come across several attractions for the tourists. There is a lot to do and see here in Thiruvananthapuram.

    • Kovalam Beach

    This is one of the biggest of all tourist attractions in Trivandrum and the beach lies very close to the main city. The emerald sea and soft white sands and the gentle swaying palms of the beach make this an idyllic destination. This is the right place to be at for those who love sun, sand and surf. The three famous parts of the Kovalam beach are Hawah Beach, light house beach and the Samudra beach. Look for the cheapest family tour Thiruvananthapuram to spend some fun filled times on the beaches.

    • Kuthiramalika Palace

    Kuthiramalika Palace is one of the finest examples of architecture and is now a famous museum that boasts of the rare collection of paintings, mirrors, mannequins and chandeliers. The royal thrones made of Bohemian Crystal and ivory are one of the major attractions in the museum.

    • Meenmutti and Kombaikani Waterfalls

    The two magnificent waterfalls can be reached trekking through dense forests. The Meenmutty Falls and Kombaikani waterfalls with the forests around them are worth a visit. Do not forget to include these attractions in Thiruvananthapuram best package.

    • Priyadarshini Planetarium

    This planetarium is well famous for its special shows on the universe and can offer one a view of the night sky at any given time and even within a time span of 12500 years. This is a big favorite of children and adults who take interest in cosmology.

    • Napier Museum

    The museum has bene named after Lord Francis Napier, the Governor of British India. The excellent air condition system based on the nature is an example of the technological progress of that period. The museum also houses one of the oldest zoological gardens in the world.

    There are many other popular spots to visit during Thiruvananthapuram vacation. For example, Aruvippuram is about seven km from Neyyattinkara and is famous for its Siva temple that attracts a large number of worshippers during the Sivarathri festival.

    Balaramapuram, with its cottage industry, is well known for its hand-spun cloth. Neyyar Dam lies to the south of Thiruvananthapuram across the Neyyar river and offers facilities for boating and mountaineering. One can enjoy the thrill of hiking across a three-hour climb over the hills. There are a Crocodile Rearing Centre and a Lion Safari Park in the reservoir that make for added attractions. Neyyattinkara and Peppara are ancient towns that are visited for their history and culture.