• Tōhoku Known for Its Countryside, Hot Springs, and Glorious Mountains

    The Tohoku Region is made of six prefectures and lies towards the north of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. If planningTōhokuvacation, you are certainly thinking in the right direction. The countryside is filled with mountains, lakes, hot springs, and is well known for its high-quality rice. Look for the best tour packagesTōhoku to plan a great vacation in Tōhoku.Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Aomori and Yamagata are the six prefectures in the Tōhoku region. The
    remote, scenic region that is untouched attracts a large number of tourists worldwide.

    The Ou Mountain Range running in the central part of Tohokuis dotted with many hot springs. Explore Kitakami Mountain Range, Dewa and Echigo Mountains, Abukuma Mountains, etc. Compare Tōhokutravel quotes from leading tour operators to land the best holiday.

    Tsurugajo Castle
    Tsurugajo Castle is located at the center of Aizuwakamatsu and is a great place to stop by, especially during cherry blossom season. This is a great site to plan apicnic and enjoy those beautiful cherry blossoms. Look for Tōhokubest package and do not forget to include a trip to Tsurugajo Castle. Stop by the Chashitsu-Rinkaku to have Japanese green tea within the castle.

    Bishamon-do temple
    Built bySakanouenoTamuramarom the temple enshrines the statue of GodaiMyoo and is called asGodai-do. The temple is known for its oldest Momoyama style building in Tohoku area. Make a trip to the temple which is a popular tourist attraction.

    This is one of the sacred place in Tohoku where the mountain priests used to offer training and practice. There are 2,446 stone steps on the trial leading to Hagurosan which is lined by a line of cedar trees. Itsgreat scenery keeps attracting tourists.

    Namahage Festival
    Enjoy the annual folk event – Namahage Festival that is held in the end of the year. The population believes that Shinzan and Honzan gods send Namahageevery year, and they bring
    rich harvest and an enormous catch of the fish. The festival and celebrations have bene handed down over generations.

    HachimantaiAspite Line
    Thehighway connects Akita’s Toroko Hot Spring to Hachimantai Hot Spring, and itsmagnificence will simply leave you awestruck. The splendid HachimantaiAspite Line offers a nice drive with lush greenery on both sides.This is like a natural treasure filled with rich alpine plants.Enjoy a trip to HachimantaiAspite Line during the cheapest family tourTōhoku.

    Listed on the World Heritage list, Chuson-ji boasts of many cultural assets and is an accumulation of fine art and architecture techniques.Konjiki- do, a glass container covers the small square golden hall.

    Mistui Outlet Park Sendai Port
    This is the biggest shopping mall that opened in 2008 and sells well-known brands from other countries, as well as Japan. Enjoy Tohoku’s cuisine in its food court and the Ferris wheelsmakes the mall even more attractive. You should certainly drive to Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port.

    Look forward to a great experience inTohoku Region, and you are sure to come back with many fun filled memories.