• Amazing Travel Apps That Are A Must-Have On Your Holiday

    If you are an avid traveler and still do not have one of those amazing travel apps, you are missing out on a lot of fun and convenience during your vacation.

    If you are a regular traveler, chances are that you will need destination advice or learn about the hikes in airfare or similar other essential info. Every traveler is looking for cheap and affordable quotes for their holiday tour with their family. You rely on your smartphone for various needs. Why not get those top travel apps for all your needs before you hit the travel deals road again? You will always remain a click away from the best tip on holidays, great travel deals and ideas.

    New travel apps 2014

    Here are a couple of the most popular travel apps for iPhone and android.


    You will simply love FareScout because of its simplicity and seamless functionality. Monitor airfare trends over the past one year with the help of the app and know the chances of your flight fare increasing or decreasing in the coming days. The travel apps for android is a must have for regular fliers, and it is available on Apple devices for free.

    Wise Guides

    Explore a destination from afar before planning your family trip. Read about the city guides, learn about travel recommendations and create personalized itineraries. Certain feature of the travel app will work even when you are offline and help you get cheapest and best holiday package.


    Now you can book a hotel well in advance of your stay and at considerable discounted rates. This is a clutter-free app that will help you enjoy seamless booking. Now you can travel without worrying about getting a room. Just tap your way to zero in on those super-cheap rate in dozens of U.S cities and make serious savings with the help of this wonderful travel app.


    PackPoint comes with some useful new features that make the installation worth it. Use the app to make customizable packing lists according to your trip length. You can also get access to built-in weather data and pack your clothing according to the weather. If making frequent trips to the same location, you can save default lists for repeat trips.

    United Passport Feature

    Flyers can now scan their passports with the help of these awesome apps among the leading travel apps 2014. Now there is no need to brandish physical passports. The app also offers features like check-in, flight updates, booking, currency converter, etc. The travel apps for android is available for free and at present iPhones are enabled with passport-scanning capability.