• Traveling in India?

    Traveling in India is very interesting and very challenging at the same time. You are surprised by the magic and beauty the country has despite all that chaos. Every other encounter you have here is unique, and, as they say, it happens only in India. The sights, sounds and tastes are simply never forgotten. The world here is wildly enigmatic, challenging you to explore the world’s largest working democracy. However, as a traveler, one should carry essential information of the country or the destination that are planning to and when comparing tour packages. The Indian government has hassle-free rules on re-entering the country while on a tourist visa.

    Hundreds and thousands of tourists visit India every year and their visits and vacations are trouble-free. However, when visiting certain states and cities, it is best to remain connected with the media and news.

      Travelers and tourists are discouraged to travel to Manipur but can travel to Imphal, the capital.

      All travel to Jammu and Kashmir is advised against, with the exception of Jammu and Srinagar or traveling by air to the cities. Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Sonamarg are to be avoided.

    • If travelling to the east coast for a vacation in India, watch out for tropical cyclones as they are common. Follow the advice of the local authorities and watch out for any evacuation orders.
    • It is best to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you plan your cheapest family tour India. Look for specific health information and advice regarding the country.
    • Before you travel, take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance and read the India-specific health information and advice published by the National Travel Health Network and Centre.
    • Women travelers should be extra cautious when travelling in India. Avoid going alone and always travel in a group.
    • Respect the local dress codes and customs when travelling in India.
    • One should avoid isolated areas, especially the beaches. It is best to travel in a group. Do not travel alone at night on public transport or in taxis. Avoid hailing taxis on the street during night times.
    • Drugs are illegal in India, and the minimum sentence is of 6 months up to a 10-year sentence.
    • If bringing satellite phones into India, get permission from the Indian authorities, as there can be very serious consequences for breaking the law. Hobbies like plane spotting and bird-watching can be easily misunderstood particularly near military sites, airports, government buildings, etc.
    • Avoid traveling in rural areas during the monsoon season as flooding and landslides are common, and towns and villages can remain cut off for days. Before setting off, check the access routes and take extra precautions.

    There is no denying that an India vacation is the most colorful, engaging and spiritual journey. Look for the best tour package to explore the destination of your choice. You will be wonderstruck seeing the diversity of its culture. Just gathered important info before you start and have a great vacation! You will simply love every moment of yours in the life-affirming country.