• Turkey Coastline With Glorious Beaches For Fresh Foods And Delicious Local Wines

    When you look at Turkey, it is like a barrier between Europe and Asia, Because of its unique geographical location, it has to compete with other popular tourist locations like Italy and Greece. Look at different Turkey travel quotes so as to plan a great holiday on its glorious beaches and enjoy the thrill of holidaying in a different side of Turkey that is made of those white sands and crystal blue waters.

    Turkey boasts of 8.000 km of coastline and almost 400 blue flag beaches. The coastline is dotted with some of the most beautiful pristine beaches set against a backdrop of lush green forests and very close to the archaeological treasures held by turkey. Take boat trips to enjoy those secluded beaches if looking for peace, solitude and relaxation. Compare different Turkey tour packages so as to land on the right beaches for a great holiday.

    Perfect spots for beach holidays

    • Pantara, Xanthos Valley

    The white-sand beach of Pantara is one of the longest as well as continuous strands in the Mediterranean. Measuring 9km from the road to the Eşen Çayı, and then another 6km to the end, this is a very popular beach. Swimming is delightful especially during the months of Spring and autumn. There are plenty of solitary spots here to make for a private and relaxing holiday.

    • Iztuzu, Dalyan

    At the of Iztuzu beach, you will find that tourism and turtles coexist. The tracks made by the turtles are visible on the sand when they drag themselves ashore to lay their eggs in June and July. Look at those marshes behind the beach that support other wildlife too. The beach is excellent for children.

    • Kabak, the Lycian Way

    Kabak is the perfect spot, and most visitors come here to the small village to escape the crowds of the package holiday groups. One can chill out at one of those wooden huts and bungalows set on the sand-and-pebble beach in the pine-forested valley. Look for the cheapest family tour Turkey to enjoy these vacation on the beach.

    Other popular spots to include in Turkey beach vacation are Turkish Riviera, which is the most stunning part of the coast, with clean beaches and the perfect sun. Bodrum is counted among the trendiest and chic European resorts in Turkey. One of the most popular regions in Turkey is the Fethiye Coastline with lovely bays and coves. If looking for an authentic experience of the history and stunning nature, then head towards the Kalkan Coastline. Eastern Mediterranean and Loryma Peninsula are well famous for their friendly people, delicious and fresh local foods and wines. Dalyan Coast is perfect for a relaxed family holiday surrounded by reed beds and the narrow waterways.

    Look for the best package Turkey to enjoy those wonderful long stretches of lovely beaches in Turkey, offering you endless choices. You are sure to come back with great memories and a stronger desire to be on those beaches once more. Turkey has always remained a major draw for those looking for a beach-based holiday.