• Umbria Vacation in Those Untouched Landscapes and Green Valleys

    Umbria is world famous attraction among tourists and draws millions for tourists every year. Browse for exciting tour packages Umbria and get ready to explore the charm of the place. Those winding valleys and green landscapes in the region will never fail to amaze you. The central basin if the Tiber is comprised of hills, mountains, and plains, and one has a lot to do and see at this amazing place. This year, plans Umbria vacation and enjoy the loveliness of the natural landscape. The romanticism and stillness of the region are simply lovely and one of the most beautiful in Europe.

    Cascata delle Marmore waterfalls
    Look for the beautiful waterfalls near Terni as you move forward from the two lakes. The waterfalls are considered to be the most beautiful in the region. There is a spectacular drop right till 541 ft. and there is lush vegetation everywhere. This is the perfect spot for the nature lovers who love canoeing and kayaking. Compare Umbria travel quotes and make the most of your vacation in Umbria.

    Carsulae is an ancient Roman town that is considered a gem linked to the history of the region. The town is traversed by the ancient Via Flaminia, and you will come across important public buildings. You can see the remains of the S. Damiano Arch in the beautiful and fascinating surroundings. Look for the cheapest family tour Umbria to enjoy those towns. Explore the remains of the S. Damiano Arch.

    Dunarobba Fossil Forest
    Include a trip to this amazing forest in Umbria best package and get a glimpse of a forest that existed 3 million years ago. You cannot help but marvel at the well-preserved tree trunks that are set in a lunar landscape.

    Fusion of art and nature
    Umbria is famous for its fusion of art, peace and nature. There are Renaissance masterpieces and small Medieval towns that are scattered in the hills. Gubbio, for example, is the oldest village that reached it full glory in the Middle Ages. Some of the other attraction are the Ducal Palace and the Consul’s Palace. Corsa dei Ceri and Palio Balestra are the well-known traditional festivals that are held in the honor of the Patron Saint and remind one of the ancient past. St. Patrick’s Well is an example of an engineering feat, what with the two spiral staircases winding around the well. Spoleto is another picturesque town carrying a thousand-year-old history and reflects the past in its Medieval and Renaissance architecture. The famous monuments and stone lanes offer the perfect setting for international cultural events. Enjoy a high-quality artistic atmosphere during the Festival of the Two Worlds. The medieval town of Assisi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that carries an essence of both art and spirituality. It is a very welcoming and lively town that attracts visitors because of its age-old traditions with visitors. Perugia city dates back to Antiquity and has several medieval villages spread out on its slopes. As it offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is a big draw for tourists.