• UNESCO World Heritage Site-ROME

    Compare Travel Quotes for Rome walking tours, Ancient tours and day trips accordingly for the wonderful palaces, great romantic ruins, monuments, statues and great fountains in the historic city of Rome. It has a vibrant night life and is considered as a shopping heaven, and also as one of the fashion capitals of the world. With numerous sights to see and things to do it is truly classified as a global city.

    • Insight of Traditions

    You will be stunned to see, the architectural skills and the culture in Colosseum a huge entertainment arena. It was once the largest amphitheatre of the Empire, where the first bloody fight between men and beasts took place in public forum. Book your tickets online in advance to avoid lengthy lines and have an insight of the traditions ensued inA.D.82.

    • Hot Spot

    The most exotic square of Rome tourism is a large public square at Piazza Navona, lined up with restaurants and open air cafés. Along with food joints there are three fountains, but the most memorable is the Bernin’s Fountain of the four rivers, there are 4 statues each statue represents a river from different continents. In the past it was a site for sporting events, but now it is the loveliest place not to be missed.

    • Art and Cinema

    The place which is beautiful from outside as well as inside is the Galleria Borghese; it is the most important location in the expansive gardens of Villa Borghese. You will find fine art and architecture, Bernini’s sculptures and impressive collections of master artists. It is advisable to make reservations far in advance as it admits 360 visitors only after 2 hours.
    In Villa Borghese you can always watch a cinematic treat for free as the city of Rome showcases screening of films every afternoon and evening. It is bonanza for movie buffs, and is a hub for the silver screen; the Casa Del Cinema is a dream land for film fans.

    • Shop and Enjoy

    Are you a fashion freak? You will find your treasures here at one spot only that is, at Monti’s Vintage market. The hip quarter of Monti is near the Colosseum, it is a fantastic urban market, where you can fulfill your requirements. A blend of present day and vintage fashion, array of trinkets, and much more up to your expectations, as well as an ideal place to wander.

    • Watch the city go, by taking a middle seat of The Spanish Steps perhaps the longest and the widest staircase in Europe, it is not the only thing that attracts tourists but also a Barcaccia fountain bubbles at the footsteps and the Trinita dei Monti church at the top of the steps.

    Your Rome tour package cannot skip the Vatican Museums, which are among the top most tourist attractions of Rome. Presenting a wide range of historical pieces and art work from throughout the history, taking you back to the ancient times. Budget Rome travels with experts as the list of tourist places and things to do is immense in this city, to enjoy to your heart’s content.