• A Holiday in Yangon – For A Vibrant Experience in This Wonderful Yangon

    Yangon is pronounced in a certain way and is the largest city in Myanmar or Burma. It was the country’s former capital and were today the most important commercial center. Evergreen and cool, you are going to love the shady parks and beautiful lakes surrounded by tropical trees. It has been rightly called the “The Garden City of the East”. The city was founded by King Alaungpaya. If you are looking for the cheapest family tour Yangon, you will find them plenty with the leading tour operators. As for the infrastructure of the city, it might not be at par with the other major cities in Southeast Asia. Still, it boasts of the largest number of colonial buildings and you will also come across many high-rise residential and commercial buildings in the city.

    If planning a Yangon vacation, do compare travel quotes and look for the top tour packages Yangon. The city gets a lengthy rainy season and enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. There is a lot to do and see here.

    Most popular recreational area in the city
    Yangon houses some of the best-maintained parks that are located around Shwedagon Pagoda. Kandawgyi Lake to the southeast of the gilded stupa is one of the most popular recreational area in the city and is surrounded by the Kandawgyi Nature Park. Then there are Yangon Zoological Gardens that are made of an aquarium, zoo, and an amusement park. Towards the west there lies People’s Square and People’s Park. A favorite hangout place for University students is the Inya Lake Park. Hlawga National Park and Allied War Memorial are other popular destinations with the tourists. Look for Yangon best package that covers these major attractions.

    Shwedagon Pagoda is a must to visit and is certainly one of the most famous and interesting places. Bogyoke Museum, National Museum, and Gems Museum display the historical events of Myanmar. Relax on the beautiful beaches of Ngwe Saung and Chaung Thar.

    Yangon nightlife
    Yangon residents need not retire to bed by 9 p.m as there was nothing to do after dark. Well, not anymore as the nightlife here gets hotter every year. There is plenty of into-the-night spots to drink, and there are new bars are regularly opening . You can have a well time drinking with the friendly and willing locals. There are lots of neon, and the atmosphere is lively. Browse the strip of outdoor bars where the beer flows freely, and you well find the best-grilled fish in town. Get an authentic local experience during the night time.

    There is plenty more to do and see at Yangon. For example, Bago, which is one of the richest sites in Myanmar,. Include this in your tour packages Yangon, There are traditional dances and puppet shows organized by leading tour operators to woo the travelers. Relax at one of those leading Salons and Spa treatment Salons that have mushroomed in Yangon to cater to the tourists and locals.
    You are sure to get more out of your cheapest family tour Yangon!