• Virgin Komi Forests made of Spruce and Siberian Fir

    Virgin Komi Forests are located in the Northern Ural mountains in Russia. Covering more than 30,000 km² it is the largest virgin forest in Europe. There are different tour packages Virgin Komi Forests that one can explore and plan a vacation here. These lovely forests belong to the Ural Mountains taiga ecoregion and boast of some leading tree species such as Siberian Fir, Siberian Spruce and Siberian Larch as well as some mammals such as the reindeer, the mink, the sable and the hare. Look at different Virgin Komi Forests travel quotes before you plan a holiday here.

    Recognition as a World Heritage site
    Look for the best package Virgin Komi Forests so as to explore the amazing region. The extensive areas of virgin boreal forest are well famous for their diversity. Russia’s Yugyd Va National Park and Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve correspond to the site of these forests. It became the first natural World Heritage site in the country. However, the major concerns here are illegal logging and gold-mining.

    The flora
    When you head for Virgin Komi Forests vacation, you will find that the lowlands are made of marshes and flood plain islands. Boreal forest are made of pine and larch while the grounds are covered with cowberry, bilberry and reindeer mosses. One will come across extensive range of spruce, fir and pine forests in the valleys. These are the only Forests in Europe where you will find Siberian pine.

    The fauna
    When you explore those forests, you will learn about the huge diversity of European and Asiatic species here. Some of the threatened mammal species include sable, wolverine, wolf, otter, beaver, and lynx. Mammals include flying squirrel, hare, squirrel, beaver, weasel, otter, pine marten, etc. There are plenty of bird species to be found here that include three-toed woodpecker, nutcracker, black grouse, willow grouse, capercaillie, red-flanked bluetail, etc. The waterfowl species include goosander, wigeon, teal, golden eye, and bean goose. As for the fish species, you will be delighted to see grayling, salmon, and whitefish.

    Look for Virgin Komi Forests cheapest family tour to enjoy the natural splendor here and come back with some great memories. Get the right travel information and make great savings on nearby hotels. Go through the Virgin Komi Forests sightseeing Guide so that you know what to explore and how to make the best of your vacation in these forests. Explore the flora and fauna of the region and spend more time enjoying your holiday. Enjoy trekking and camping and spend some peaceful and quieted moments with the nature.