• Visit Changbai Mountains for Stunning Natural Landscapes

    If you are planning a trip to china, have a look at tour packages Changbai Mountains. If you miss going to this side of china, you are surely missing out on the extravaganza being offered by the nature. Changbai Mountains lie on the borders of North Korea and China. Hundreds and thousands of tourists plan Changbai Mountains cheapest family tour to enjoy the stunning nature views that are simply not to be found anywhere else. In addition to tourism, these mountains ares known for logging and ginseng that grows on its slopes. The rugged forested terrain is home to Siberian tigers, bears, and other wide animals. There are beautiful alpine lakes, hot springs and waterfalls to explore. Compare Changbai Mountains travel quotes from leading tour operators before planning a vacation there.

    What you can do during Changbai Mountains vacation
    When looking at the best package Changbai Mountains, do look at the activities being offered. After all, there is plenty to do and see here for the tourists. All sorts of facilities are available here for the tourists. It can be reached by train from Changchun via Tonghua.

    Hot Springs
    The springs are placed to the north of the Tianchi Lake and cover an area of more than a thousand square meters. The temperature of water of some of the springs can go as high as 82ºC and this is why the area is covered with steaming vapor all year round. The bathing pools offer bydropathic treatment.

    Changbai Mountains Falls
    The waterfall pours down from the north bank of Tianchi and is sixty-eight-meter in height, It looks like a great piece of silk fluttering in the sky and is certainly one of the most magnificent sights in the Changbai Mountains.

    Heavenly Lake
    Also referred to as Tianchi, the lake is the highest peak of the Changbai Mountains. It is situated on the top of Baitou Mountain and is actually a crater in the mountain where the mountain streams converge from all directions. The lake remains covered in ice for the most part of the year. In summers, tourist can enjoy yachting and fishing. Look for exciting tour packages Changbai Mountains.

    Changbai Mountains Nature Preserve
    The Nature Preserve is about 80 kilometers long and covers the wilderness stretching from the south of Autu and Fusong counties. It is rich in biological species and has a well-preserved natural environment and ecosystem.

    Changbai Mountains are also famous for their trees such as Changbai larches and Korean pines, as well as Chinese ginseng. Visitors can also get an opportunity to learn about Korean culture and even try on Korean clothing during their Changbai Mountains vacation. One can visit Baekdu Mountain, which is an active volcano.

    Look for the best package Changbai Mountains and get to know more about these mountains that are also a source of Songhua, Tumen and Yalu rivers. Visit during the summers as the climate in the mountains is very cold during winter. These mountains boast of rich flora and fauna and are fast turning a popular tourist destination.