• One can visit Delhi any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Delhi is from October to March, when you can experience the best weather. The flowers are at their best, blooming in every color. This is an incredible city to be at and it is no wonder to see thousands of tourists heading towards the capital city of India every year. This year, plan Delhi vacations with your friends and family and get ready to explore India’s history.

    Old Delhi is full of mosques and monuments that represent the glorious history of India, while New Delhi, designed by Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens is a modern city. There are many embassies and important government buildings. Look for Delhi best package to see the complete area.

    Main attractions in Delhi

    • Red Fort

    Read fort was constructed in 1639 when Shah Jahan decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. This is Delhi’s first fort and still looks magnificent to receive the Emperor. The entire fort is made of huge blocks of red sandstone. Every year, on the Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the Flag here.

    • Purana Quila

    Also known as the Old Fort, this is a very good example of Mughal architecture. It was earlier built by Pandavas and Sher Shah Suri made later modifications. This is every inch a fortress what with a strong and bold design. It is also much different from the later forts of the Mughals and is well-planned. However, it doesn’t have the complex of administrative and recreational buildings that is generally found in the forts.

    • Chandni Chowk

    Chandni Chowk has been made by Shah Jahan and is the focal point of the city. The market was planned by the emperor so that his daughter should not face any trouble shopping. The market was earlier divided by canals that are now closed. It remains the largest wholesale market of Asia. It is also the oldest and busiest markets in Delhi. Include this amazing place in your cheapest family tour Delhi.

    • Qutb Minar

    Situated in Qutb complex, Mehrauli, Qutb Minar was built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak of the Slave Dynasty. The red sandstone tower reaches up to a height of 72.5 meters and is covered with intricate carvings and verses. Qutub-ud-din was able to complete the first storey while the other storeys were built by his successor Iltutmish.

    • Tughlaqabad

    Ghazi Malik built the strongest fort in Delhi at Tughlaqabad and completed it at a very good speed. He was a slave to Mubarak Khilji and had suggested the rocky site to be ideal to build a fort. This is one of the most colossal and awesome forts in Delhi, what with its double-storied bastions and sky-touching walls.

    Compare Delhi travel quotes if planning a vacation in this great city Red fort and Qutub Minar are already listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other places of tourist attractions are Salimgarh Fort, Safdarjung’s Tomb and Bahadur Shah Gate, and a lot more.