• Volcanoes of Kamchatka – Outstanding Volcanic Regions in the World

    When one speaks of an exceptional volcanic regions in the world, it is none other than the Volcanoes of Kamchatka. Here you will come across a wide range of related features and a huge variety. It is the arrangement of active volcanoes and glaciers in the Kamchatka peninsula that define the volcanic features and a dynamic landscape of great beauty. Look for the best tour packages in Russia and make a visit to the volcanic regions. The large group of volcanoes are located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The deep-focus seismic events and tsunamis are fairly common to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench.

    Flanked by volcanic belts made of 160 volcanoes and about 29 of them still active, the surrounding central side valley and the Kamchatka River attract a large number of tourists every year. Compare Russia travel quotes to learn about these amazing volcanoes.

    The highest volcano
    Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the largest active volcano, and the perfect cone is described as the most beautiful volcano by celebrated volcanologists. Koryaksky, Avachinsky, and Kozelsky are the three volcanoes that are somewhat more accessible. And, in the middle of Kamchatka you will find the world famous Geyser Valley. Look for the cheapest family tour Russia and explore the volcanic regions that also boasts of a variety of salmonoid fish, Stellar’s sea eagle, brown bear and an exceptional concentration of sea otter. Discover those amazing visual treats during Russia vacation.

    Landscape of exceptional natural beauty
    Kamchatka site boasts of a high density of active volcanoes and major concentrations of wildlife. Kluchevskoy Nature Park boasts of natural features and is an exceptional example of geological processes and landforms. Compare Russia travel quotes to make a visit to the geographic location and explore its unique characteristics. The large symmetrical volcanoes, lakes and wild rivers as well as a spectacular coastline boast of major concentrations of wildlife. Here you will come across a diverse range of Palearctic flora and bird species such as gyr falcon, tailed eagle, the peregrine falcon. The greatest known diversity of salmonid fish is found here,

    Kronotskaya Sopka is the World Heritage site that carries a multitude of thermal and mineral springs, geysers and active volcanism. The vegetation is in a pristine condition, and you will come across taiga forest of birch, larch and spruce; and stone-birch forest; as well as forests of poplars, aspen, alder and willow. Wild life includes snow ram, northern deer, bears, sable and Wolverine, etc. Noteworthy birds here are a white-tailed eagle, Stellar’s sea eagle, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, gyrfalcon, etc.
    It is still to live in such proximity to the volcanoes. Still, there is an incomprehensible combination of anxiety and peace. The three volcanoes – Kluchevskoy, Koryaksky and Kronotsk are considered to be the most attractive and symbolize volcanic Kamchatka. The beauty and majesty these volcanoes is simply unmatched. Thus, if planning a visit to Russia, do not forget to include a visit to these volcanoes. These volcanoes are remarkably known for their numbers and natural beauty as well as have the greatest variety of types.