• Yukon Territory – A significant source of domestic tourism

    Visitation to Yukon has been rising at a steady rate over the years, and the tourism activities in Yukon Territory continue to be an important source of private sector employment. There is plenty to enjoy and see here. You will never get tired of the vast open spaces, northern lights, natural landscapes and wildlife. Get an original experience in the authenticity of their aboriginal and cultural heritage. There are many unique cultural attractions and natural beauty of Yukon that offers opportunities for tourism investment. Compare Yukon travel quotes if planning a vacation here and get ready for a special time. After all, there are multitude of unique cultural attractions here and the region is full of history and natural beauty.

    • Head for Yukon Territory vacation if you:
    • Have a keen desire in wilderness and adventure
    • Are looking for a learning travel experience
    • Are fond of winters and its activities

    Thanks to the growth in aboriginal and cultural tourism, there is a rising demand for tour packages Yukon. Yukon carries a reputation of safe destination and is home to a number of unique cultural traditions. Yukon First Nations and people of aboriginal descent make for about 25 % of the population here. You are sure to meet these people during your cheapest family tour Yukon. One will come across the traditional art throughout the territory. The place has the highest concentrations of artists and artisans in Canada, and there are numerous carvers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and weavers here.

    Great wildlife
    Yukon is one of the few territories where you can view wildlife in its natural habitat and a huge variety. The region is home to North America’s largest populations of Dall sheep and grizzly bears. You will also come across black bears, moose, elk, caribou, deer, mountain goats, bison and wolves. Plus, there are more than 38 species of fish and over 200 species of birds. Yukon is also the migratory route for Snow and Brandt geese and Trumpeter and Tundra swans. Do include these wildlife trips in Yukon best package.

    Winters in Yukon
    Spend the winters here to witness the natural phenomenon of fireworks display that is created entirely by nature. See the aurora borealis, or northern lights dancing across the Yukon sky on clear winter nights

    Yukon’s mountains
    The mountains here are simply spectacular. There is a series of ranges and valleys along the northwest coast in the North American Cordillera. The Kluane National Park is the highest point in Canada and home to Mount Logan. St. Elias mountain range boasts of the world’s largest non-polar icefield. Yukon’s Kluane National Park and Reserve is the largest protected area in the world.

    Yukon people and tourists use the territory’s freshwater for activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing and whitewater rafting during the summer months. Yukon is also home to the second longest river in Canada, the Yukon River, and the territory derives its name from this river. Yukon has recently become a keen land base in sustainable tourism as the government identifies viable tourism opportunities. Yukon Territory offers an extensive tourism industry and has a number of attractions and opportunities for wilderness adventure tourism.